Monday, July 9, 2012

I got souvenirs!

I don't usually buy so many souvenirs when I travel because I'm more focused in the whole experience and cultural immersion. But when I've seen my souvenirs from Bali and Jakarta which I think were the only things I bought in all my travels, I kinda regret not buying souvenirs from other trips and I think I should buy some important little stuffs from now on just like these two things: 

A charming hair tie from Bali. It's all over which costs 4000- 8000 Rupiah if I remember it right.
Here's the very soft and comfortable scarf from Jakarta where I discovered that 'mahal' (expensive) and "mura" (cheap) in Tagalog have the same meaning in Bahasa. I was shopping for scarf since it's very useful for traveling and I tried to for a discount by saying 'mahal' and was so surprised that they understood me! 
Here's a very memorable gift from Indonesian bloggers, Dafhy and Azaxs, from their wonderful hometown. Please visit to know more about their rich culture and tradition. 

Note: From the Kotareyog's Official twitter account, I learned that the mask's name is "bujang ganong!" Can't wait to know more about this! 

And just yesterday, Taku got back from Japan and he brought me some rice balls which I was so amazed when he showed me how to eat it. haha. So watch it, then, we could all eat rice ball in Japan! :)


  1. long time no see cyra. the right is murah (cheap) :-)

  2. Maldita Matilda: I'm not sure about the flavors but I believe there are lots. That's what Taku misses about Japan sometimes, variety in convenience stores. :)

    Dafhy: yes, I realized! :)It's "mura" in Filipino that's why. I can't believe it's been a year since we met!



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