Monday, August 3, 2009

Starting a week.

I had a wonderful weekend with family. Dad bought me a new shoes and we had a sensible talk, he's my man. I'm missing mom since I want a power hug from her because the transition and adjustments at work's a bit killing me. Maybe mom and my former EP is right...i should learn the system first before beating myself up for my self-impost standard that I didn't meet.

I was forced to donate in Greenpeace last Friday by Melvin. =

It was actually a supeeeerrrrr overdue goal already, si Melvin lan

g pala magiging reason for me to finally achieve it. Thanks thanks! I lost my booklet pala re Global Warming, can I have another one? Please update me.(I miss you Aya, you're studying culinary n daw! good luck!)

I saw this in Just G when I went to southmall. kudos! 

LET'S PLANT MORE TREES and help save the climate!

Well, I worry about all the contacts in my old old number still rings and I don't know the reason why 'that' person keeps it. Maybe because it has 1k load when it was lost or 'the' person cannot find where the sim can be removed or maybe my contacts. I have contacts of actors and actresses in it...even mediamen.

Okay, back to reality. So now, I'm working on 3 stories...and my biggest story is about a mom who needs a make over. Do you know one?

This week will be wonderful!


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