Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We can do something for Tara.

Reposted from my cousins, Katchie and Malaine.

Joee is my cousin and we are really affected in what happened. Let's help Tara..let's help my cousin, Joee, and their families.

Word spreads around fast and almost everyone has already heard about what happened to our dear friend, Tara Santelices (Assumption Antipolo’s Batch 2003 and Ateneo de Manila University’s Class of 2007, AB Political Science).

On the eve of her 23rd birthday, Tara was shot in the head during a hold-up while riding a jeepney along Imelda Avenue, Cainta, Rizal. Joee Mejias, who was with her at that time, rushed her to Amang Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Marikina City. The parents of Tara and Joee arrived at the hospital shortly thereafter. When morning came, Tara’s parents finally decided to transfer her to the Medical City, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. Since 8:00am of August 6, Tara has been in the ICU fighting for her dear life. Her parents have decided not to push through with the operation.

Although it might seem that there is nothing else that we can do but wait for Tara to wake up from this horrific nightmare, we, the friends of Tara, have decided to raise funds for Tara’s hospital bills. This is the least we can do to ease the unbearable pain her family is going through. We have been given the go-signal from Tara’s dad, Tito Larry, and here are the details:

The temporary bank account is under Anne Marie F. Santelices, Banco de Oro, SA 2140-062201. For direct cash donations, please proceed to the ICU Waiting Room of the Medical City (Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City). Please look for Joee Mejias or Lila Santelices.
Any amount will be gratefully accepted. Anonymous donations are also welcome. Please spread the word. Forward this to your family, friends and even to everyone else you know. Please post this on Friendster, Multiply, Facebook and wherever else you can think of. Please send group messages on Yahoo Messenger. This will mean so much to us, her friends. 

Please continue praying for Tara, for Joee and for both of their families. If you want to come see Tara, visiting hours at the ICU are at 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

Thank you so much for your time and kind consideration.

For inquiries, please contact Joee Mejias (09228154987) for calls and Jac Ledonio (09167243071) or Myka Francisco (09163695148) for text messages.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My former boss said "good job!"

I sent a message to my boss's YM account upon seeing him online. I just said "How are you?"
Then we talked for a while.
Since we didnt end up good, I remained too casual and a bit rude.

pma pma: aimee... WELL DONE ON YOUR JOB
Cyra: thanks.
Cyra: yea...and just like before, i'll do my best for a job well done...and for d company im working for
pma pma: BYE FOR NOW
Cyra: thanks
Cyra: anyway, im glad you spelled my name correctly now! haha
Cyra: bye
pma pma: BYE

I want to have a new life now. Haha.
God knows, I want to forgive but never forget cause I learned a lot.

Life will never be happy with those "unhappy" thoughts.

My life is starting...


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