Thursday, June 16, 2011

I chose to get loose!

It’s Thursday. Aside from the usual Thirstday of Couchsurfing Manila, it’s De La Salle University’s 100th year and the celebration of our company president’s birthday. It’s such a busy day for me but I realize that the “unfortunate incident” happened almost a week ago.

Thinking back, I know how things and the way I think and behave changed a lot. Every day is a learning opportunity. There were many mixed reactions from people who found out this incident, some blamed us, some were threatened, some learned and some cheered us up.

The incident happened at around 4pm, then, after reporting it to all concerned individuals and parties, to cheer us up, we got free tickets in Star City from my sweet friend, Che! Yahoo!  I know you won’t believe but it was my first time. And Taku was funny when he said “It’s weird seeing you in a cold place!” Then we had tequila shots and mojito at CafĂ© Havana. Luckily, we both know how each other unwind and get loose.

Just like what my cousin Zarah used to say, “There’s no way but up” so after a few days, I got back to my feet and moving on. It’s funny because I had some basic make up set, the cheaper but essential ones. Thanks to my summerbuddy, Roxy, for a wonderful dinner because I don’t have money (haha) and to Marquee for accompanying me and for the photo of my new makeup set!

Goodbye Naked Meetings!

And I am truly blessed; my friends know the right time to say “I miss you Cy!” You guys cheered me up big time!

I miss you toooo, Girls!

Plus, I got a gwapo fat boyfriend who can say “Mahal Mahal Kita!” and sent me a post card for our monthsary last month!

very good Tagalog, diba?

How we react on things matters more than the unfortunate incident. Also, I am a Filipino and there are studies that show that the Philippines is the happiest country in Asia! Just like what Mr. Robles said, for Filipinos, happiness isn't a goal, it's a tool for survival! Remember, in a conflict, you always have a choice.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Salisi Gang: that's it, pansit!

They say that the true character of a person can be seen in a difficult situation. How we react on unexpected things and conflict not only reveals “who” we really are, but also unfolds the characters of the people around us, regardless if they are “in the situation” or “just heard the situation from you.”

This happened in Starbucks inside the Fullybooked in Bonifacio High Street at Fort Bonifacio Global City (as you know, a very high end and posh place in Manila).  We just had our best brunch because after a long time of searching, we just found the best French Toast in the city at 2nd’s! After the mouthwatering brunch, we headed to Fullybooked to have our usual routine of reading while having a chat and coffee in our favorite spot. We were seated in sofas with a small table just across the escalator and the CCTV camera of the bookstore. I decided to get a book because Taku brought the book that he was reading ever since he arrived in Manila more than a week ago. He took his iPhone out of my bag, and then started putting Muji’s marshmallows in my bag to tease me. I have every little and important thing in my huge bag since I’ve been busy for the past days, haven’t changed my bag and have put everything in it (even my clients’ business cards)! When we were in HK Disneyland, Taku misplaced his camera and lost it so I’m being careful when we’re together and checking all his belongings.

In short, MY important stuffs + TAKU’S important stuffs are in my HUGE favorite bag.

…When I came back after 5 minutes with a good book, I thought he was throwing a prank at me, I just lost my bag.

Taku ran after them. When he came back he said there was a girl who asked him if the P100 on the floor was his, then my bag vanished. Fullybooked and Starbucks team helped us checked all the possible whereabouts of the “Salisi Gang” and carefully looked at their CCTV cameras, but it wasn’t solved. Upon looking at the video from their Security office, we’ve seen 5 women in their 30s-50s with a man in his 50s connived in this crime. You’ll see that the old lady who put my bag in the paper bag that she brought attempted to go down in the escalator which was going up, together with the fact that they’re facing the CCTV camera of the bookstore, it might be a proof that they might not be “professionals.”

This is an opportunity to learn for us, hoping this will also be a learning or warning tool for others.

It’s sinking into my system now. I don’t even have any cosmetic left and I feel so exhausted thinking about all the important things that were gone. Aside from my digital camera, phone, important IDs and cards, I lost the Tiffany necklace which was Taku’s first gift and meant so much to us. Taku lost many important things as well, but this incident taught and made us realize so much of our big world, our generation, our country, our family and friends, our relationship and ourselves. 

I don’t think I have any important material thing right now. I even feel a lot naked spending days in the corporate world having no jewelries and make up, but I’m feeling so blessed, realizing that the most important things in my life are relationships and sharing every good thing, may it be a warning like this, with others to make this world a better place. 


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