Monday, January 24, 2011

Wanted: Husband. My daughter left me.

Ganda ng anak ko!

This is a quick blog entry is for my only daughter, Camille Rastrullo Ramin.

Ooooppss! My beautiful baby...

Pasensya nak, walang biyaya ng cleavage.

Sorry nak, I really had to include "Wanted: Husband" in the title because after your dad left me, I realized that I've been single for almost 2 years now! Haha.

Just now, I felt that it's slowly sinking in to my system. This morning, I started to look for Cams upon entering the office. I've wanted to tell the stories about my "Health Awareness Day!" and how my eating habits have changed through my doctor's advice. When I was about to say "Nak, guess what?!" it hit me straight to my senses that... she's gone.

And the only pink thing that's left in the office is the "reality mirror" that she has given me with "Mama Cy, Thank you for Everything! I'll miss you! I Love You" dedication...

I've seen a lot of myself when I was starting in Cams that's why as much as I can I want to teach and point out all the mistakes that I've committed for her not to commit the same mistake, for her not to love the same kind of man, for her not to act the same way at work.

When I saw this photo,
I know I'll cry...seeing how tight my baby's hold was...

She's a girl with an untiring heart who always think of others and forgive. (Siya na nahihiya kahit na siya na ang ginago. Haha) She's turning into a woman of sense and worth and I really like what I'm seeing. How I wish I could teach everything so that her life will be perfect.=)

I love you Nak, we miss you all here.

...the pink, the loudest laugh, the most red lips, the highest tiil...

I'll always be here, just like the first day Baby...

the last hug I got.

I love you Nak!

Don't worry, Ill take care of Baby Buz & Tom and remember to save and keep your eyes away from shoes, bags and irresponsible boys...

And always remember to know what you deserve...

I'm dying to go to mass, party til dawn, chat and laugh with you soon...

Dong and Machete misses you also.

Keep your eye on the goal, baby!

GOAL for Filipino Travelers

Because  Airline companies have several "seat sales" nowadays, Filipinos in my generation are more exposed now to traveling and experiencing other cultures and places. 

There will never be shortcut to learning. I believe that to remain fresh and happy, we should always learn from our every encounter with people, places, things and situations everyday, and traveling can be a fast track  to discover more about ourselves and the world we're living in.

And because it's always fun to discover more about your own culture that basically reflects who you really are and show you the attributes that you should always be proud of, I decided to post this article from Philippine Daily Inquirer. I think it should be a goal for every Filipino to experience this checklist (As a Filipino, I still have to experience 20 things. Haha. I crossed out my experiences, I hope you’ll do yours too.):

Philippines has several breathtaking beaches.
Photo taken in Nasugbu, Batangas (2010)


By Jill Lejano, Philippine Daily Inquirer

… before fantasizing about exploring other countries
1. Go white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro.
2. Visit Batanes.
3. See Mt. Mayon up close.
4. Swim with the whale sharks in Donsol.
5. Climb Mt. Pulag and be awed by its sea of clouds.
6. Dive, swim and explore Palawan’s underground river. (Just Coron!)
7. Hike and let the view of Mt. Pinatubo crater take your breath away.
8. Party in your bikini in Boracay.
9. Surf’s up! Choose your wave—La Union, Zambales or Real, Quezon.
10. Missed out on the pristine beauty of Boracay 15 years ago? Visit Malapascua, Cebu.
11. Dive and see the rich marine life of Anilao, Batangas.
12. Travel back in time—go to Vigan.
13. Let Bohol wow you with its many offerings—the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier, the Loboc River Cruise, old churches and the beach.
14. Go high! Drive to the Mountain Province of Sagada. Check out the caves, the hanging coffins and enjoy the laidback lifestyle.
15. Grab a Viaje del Sol map, visit Ugu Binyan’s pottery studio, eat at Kusina Salud and unwind at Casa San Pablo.
16. Spend an entire week up north. Take a road trip from Manila to Vigan, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Aparri and Isabela!
17. Try wakeboarding in Camsur.
18. Check out Malate, Old Manila and all their secret spots.
19. There are many reasons to love Davao. Kublai’s artworks, its proximity to the beach, the tasty pastil and juicy suha. And did I mention that it’s a smoke-free city?
20. Spend a weekend roughing it in Anawangin and Capones in Zambales.
21. Check out our colorful fiestas and document them with your camera. Ati-atihan, Dinagyang, Masskara, Sinulog, Higantes, Panagbenga, Pahiyas and more.
22. Pick your own strawberries at the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad, Benguet.
23. Go to Pampanga for sisig.
24. If it’s too hot in Manila, grab a few friends and take a quick trip to Tagaytay.
25. Enjoy a food trip in Iloilo. You’ll never go hungry in this city.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Basta pangit, masama ang ugali!"

"Basta pangit, masama ang ugali," this is the famous saying from my dear friend, Robbie.

With a few experiences on encounter with some "pangit," I can truly attest to this. It's always true that real beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it comes from within. I believe that all God's creation is beautiful and we're just making it ugly, so we have to be careful in our words, thoughts and deeds.

For me ugly people are those:

...who doesn't care and is not sensitive to other people's needs and feelings.
...who brags a lot about him/her self.
...who thinks about herself and prioritize only her condition all the time.
...who doesn't care and true to him/her self.

Basically, these are the people who doesn't know what RESPECT is all about and definitely, they're the ones who are not having a good laugh with family and friends everyday.

But aside from a good skincare and make up, evaluating your own attitude and actions is a good way of staying beautiful and fresh. Always laugh, keep in mind how blessed you are, discover or learn something new everyday and just like what my friend Mark is saying "Good Vibes" to everything!

...but if you'll ponder on it, ugly people are good to keep because they indeed add thrill and fun to our journey!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First weekend of the year.

My mind's on my BDJ planner. I'm thinking of the best cover to use for it to preserve its too girly cover because I'm too obsessed to it. I'll look for a good one tomorrow because no matter how strong and wonderful something has been made of, it needs a cover or a protection for a slower depreciation.

Just like the human body. Maybe it's time for us to shield or take it away from anything that's making it deteriorate easily.

Well, definitely, watching "Tron" in iMax is a good sample of human body protection. Haha. It was really amazing! My favorite shot was when old Fynn was telling stories to young Fynn and the camera rolled and got inside the room. I seemed to be in there. Haha. Well, that's the magic of today's cinema.

I suddenly missed production.

I was surprised when I was drinking water and saw my "inaanak" on TV. So pretty, talented and smart! She's very charming and friendly. I am really a proud ninang. Haha. She's very talented and smart. Anyway, she'll be competing in Star Circle Quest Kids Edition, so please vote and support her, Veyda Inoval.

No yoga with cousin for tomorrow, I'm hoping to rest, pray and play.

According to Cris, he would like to try being a Vegan even only for a month. really? haha. Goodluck! "Mahilig kasi ako sa laman," according to him.

It will be a busy week!

I will rock 2011!

On the first week of the new year, I've heard people saying "Now, I'm starting the year right."  Hopefully, it's true. Hopefully, all throughout this year, we'll see many people doing the right and good things.
2nd day in the hospital
&diagnosis was still vague.

Just like last year, I started my "new year" with pain. Haha. Literally, 3 days before 2010 ended, I was admitted to the hospital due to Urinary Tract Infection. The pain lasted until Wednesday, and now, I'm continuing my Cranberry juice diet to normalize the ph in my urine.  Oh well, thanks to the Internet and my Ate Ronnie for this information! Haha. Well, I just have to remind myself all the time to drink lots of water, use cotton undies, urinate if needed, no acids, caffeine, citrus and alcohol. "No Alcohol?!"-->

Oh no! Hopefully, I'll be okay soon! =)

But I know I'll rock 2011!
all-smiles Caparros team!

On the first day of the year, I was too grateful to spend the day with all the very few yet important people in my crazy life! I miss my cousins already!

We celebrated the first day of the year with our usual BINGO Galore with our relatives. Mom was the only lucky one to win! But I really enjoyed the non-stop storytelling of everyone while non-stop eating Dear Darla.

Tita Carol: "Ang Caparros, maliit, pango ang ilong, saka maitim."
Cyra: "Parang pag sinabing Caparros, ako ang image model Tita ah!"
Tita Carol: (speechless. Haha.) "...ahmm...kaya dapat ang pipiliin nyo ay matangkad, matangos ang ilong at maputi.

LOL. But maybe if I can't endure waking up beside him but he has 3 Jaguars and 2 Lexus, we can think about it. =) Haha.

When I got promoted as a Client Services Team Leader on the 4th day of 2011, I knew, I JUST STARTED THE YEAR RIGHT AND I'M NOW STARTING TO ROCK 2011.

Have a blessed and fun year everyone!


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