Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writing, please come back.

I am talkative.

I garrulously say a boring and nonsense story most of the time and I like it when somebody listens. That’s why I love my boyfriend because he listens to me no matter how nonsense my stories are. Haha. Well, in return, I laugh at his jokes. The next moment, you’ll hear me chortling while everybody thinks that I’m slightly loopy simply because we listen and laugh at each other’s zany stories and gags, shamelessly.

This is not supposed to be about him. 

This is about me going back into writing (I got a degree in AB Broadcast Journalism, believe it or not) and writing not liking me. 

As I surf the internet and search for interesting bloggers online, I become jealous of their writing skills, juxtaposing to mine (self-criticizing this time). My thoughts are too far away from each other and it reflects in all my write ups.

There are many things for me to work on.

FOCUS. I should work on this one big time. The only solution that I’ve thought of is to write down all my thoughts randomly and choose the one that I can expound and talk about.

KNOW IF IT MATTERS. Sometimes, I over think of what my readers need or what I need to talk about so I often have problems with eliminating unnecessary words.

COHERENCE matters. Most of the time, because of my vague and jumbled thoughts, I write ideas that are not connected with one another and it sucks.

TELL A STORY. BE INSPIRED. BE ORIGINAL. I want to be a story-teller and my lasting reverie is to transform even a single life through my stories.

But I believe I still have hope. Just like what William Zinsser said in one of the greatest books about writing On Writing Well, "You learn to write by writing. It is a truism worn thin by repetition, but it is still true, and it can't be repeated often enough. The only way to lean to write is to force yourself to produce a certain number of words on a regular basis."

I’m up to the challenge! I just hope there’s someone who’s up to criticizing my group of words.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is my routine lately.

Sad Monday: Work + Talk/ Email Taba
Patient Tuesday:   Work + Weekly Sales Meeting + Jogging with Mhe and Donna + Talk/ Email Taba
Hardworking Wednesday: Work + Dinner with Friends + Talk/ Email Taba
Thirsty Thursday: Work + Jogging (depends on the situation) + CS Manila Thirstday + Talk/ Email Taba
Happy Friday: Work + Out with friends/ Home in Las Pinas + Talk/ Email Taba
Lazy Saturday: RANDOM activities + Talk with Taba
Laidback Sunday: Attend the Mass + Yoga class with Zha + Talk with Taba

But since I have upcoming trips, and I have to fix my laptop, I have errands to attend to. Last night, I was busy organizing my things then right after everything was fixed as I opened my door, I found out that my closet was broken! I wanna shout and cry! :'(

Then, I found a solution! It looks so minimalist but I think I'll opt to hang all my clothes so that I'll see them easily!

DISCOVERY: For the past months, I thought I need to buy new bags because I've been using the same bag. But I've proven that my bags were just kept in my broken closet. Haha. Now, I have NO RIGHT OF BUYING A NEW ONE. Haha. Save Cyra!

The disaster, the resolution and the discovery!

And my mind's preoccupied of thinking of a new blog and site name because someone's using the same name but the "-" is placed in a different place and she started earlier than me. Huhu. I've been haunted by the "need" to provide it as soon as possible. 

"Taba, be creative kasi!"- Takuya

At the moment, my mind's preoccupied of the thought of seeing my boyfriend again! He even sent me a spreadsheet of our schedule! Haha. I have to do my research.

Traveling to next level?

Have you ever heard of the song "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson? I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. My imagination flew to the future, did U-Turn, then, flashbacks. 

It's my song (now in my possession. Haha). 

I grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down, I just stare at the window. Dreaming of a could be and if I end up happy, I would pray. I'll do what it takes til I touch the sky, make a wish, take a chance, make a change, and BREAKAWAY.

Since I was a child, I know I would like to travel the world and discover its wonders. But I think, before beginning the sally to world's discovery, I must master my own little archipelago. So, for the past 24 years of my life, I've tried exploring it as much as I can. I didn't care how should I get there, when it comes to travelling, I try to be spontaneous and open-minded. I believe that we will only see the best of the world if we don't hinder or limit ourselves from what the world could lay at our feet.  I think I'm prepared to take this self-imposed benchmark of world discovery to its new heights because I've already climbed, droved, trekked and cleaned up mountains; cooked with stones and drank with bamboos; ridden the waves and glided with the fishes and became amazed with the beautiful corals; drunk and danced til I dropped...
...met wonderful creatures...

...met wonderful people... 
Lapu-Lapu, Jose Rizal, Enchanted (what's his name?) and kissed the hand of Josefa Llanes Escoda.

I still have a lot of places to discover in the Philippines and it awes me everyday. I'll visit Mindanao soon!

Based in my LIFE GOALS which I've written when I was in gradeschool, I should have traveled most of the places in the Philippines and experience being out of the country at the age of 25. Oh my! I'm included in the long list of "EDSA babies" so I'm turning 25 this year! I panicked when the year started and booked a flight to somewhere out of the country right away! Haha. Well, time indeed flies so fast, I'll be leaving on Friday for Jakarta and looking forward to the fun and exciting new experience. 

Then, my next stop will be Hong Kong to meet halfway with my boyfriend! That will be more exciting! 

The food, language, people and culture--- I'm delighted!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan & Interdependence.

Though I find the title a bit vague and shallow, I opted to put it because it will look good in the layout of my blog: simple. Sometimes, that’s how we are. Because of the complexity of our lives, we miss thinking about the real essence of what we do or the things we have, sometimes, when it looks good or appear good to others, it’s valid.

This morning, since I work in a Japanese company which publishes a Japanese magazine about the Philippines, Philippine Primer Magazine, we had an emergency meeting regarding the “real” situation in Japan and how we can help the Japanese community.

Our plead is to please refrain from retweeting of UNCONFIRMED Information, especially the avenues to help and find missing people, because it’s affecting those who are sincerely willing to help and who are dying to find their missing loved ones. I came to the realization that (our company’s President is right) in the Philippines, when these tragedies happen, we usually have our Church to trust our donations aside from the government and its agencies. But in Japan, the LGUs (Local Government Units) are the ones who do these kinds of activities, thus there are some organizations who are taking initiatives to help and it’s very annoying to know that there are some misleading organizations that are trying to deceive people about their donations.

If this kind of catastrophe happens in the Philippines (Lord, please don’t let it happen), I think it will be worse.

I remember last 2009 when the typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines (Manila area), I was working in ABSCBN’s News & Current Affairs and saw how bad is the country’s facilities and preparation in such disasters. 

seeing this and hearing their stories melted my heart.

We all know how “unprepared” the Philippines is compared to Japan. During that time, I volunteered in Sagip Kapamilya’s project and answered the calls for all the concerns of people who would like to help or look for their missing family members and I’ve noticed that many Filipinos are very pessimistic and dependent on the government and other people. If want to progress, I think this is one thing that we have to change: mentality.

Japan will definitely recover from this one.  

As compared to what happened in Kobe (which affected 4% of the country’s GDP), the March 11 earthquake just affected 2% of Japan’s GDP because it was in the northeast part of Japan that is rural and the population is small.

Let’s all pray for the safety and recovery of the Japanese people and for our own safety as well.

Media is sensationalized at some point, I had a glimpse of that industry and that’s what I’ve studied for four years. I know that at some point there will be a time that they’ll prefer to give emphasis to the more dramatic. Sometimes, media is just a PR. But it’s a good thing to have these brave reporters because we know “something” but we should be vigilant and keen in discovering the other bits and pieces of the story.  

My boyfriend is in Tokyo now and during breakfast with my Dad while watching TV, we worried a lot about him but maybe, his blog is a breath of fresh air also for all of us who sees things just through the media and hesitant to help. 

I also got this info from him that a Japanese created a Facebook account to cheer up the victims: HOPE

You may also want to read some of Greenpeace thoughts.

Simple steps from ordinary people. I believe we all know how to contribute in our own little ways; we just need to believe that it will make a difference even to a single individual.

It is indeed true that no matter how knowledgeable we are in the world we’re living in or how technical we are with reference to earthly things, there are some things that are out of our control. Don’t wait for the time that disasters will happen in your life for you to realize that relationships matter.

 We don’t need to live alone. After all, all we need is LOVE.

** Just for your info, as of today, here is the information regarding our (Philippines) safety and current situation:

Richest Person in the World 101

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I have a new goal: to be one of the richest person in the world.

I came to realize that goal because when I looked at my wallet before going to work, I only have 66 pesos. I was surprised and thought of the things I’ve done yesterday. Then I realized that I ate out and gave money when I heard the mass.

It was a mixed feeling.

The fare going to the office is tricycle ride- 6 pesos and Shuttle ride- 60 pesos. Brilliant! No excess! No contingency fund! I was so careful in my action because any move and delays could affect things. I might miss the shuttle and pay more and I don’t have the capacity to do it! LOL.

I looked at my planner and all my notebooks (I’ve got so many notebooks because I get high whenever I have new one) where I wrote down my 5 years plan, then I grasped that I’ve so many plans but I am so financially illiterate.

Savings= no movement.

          Don’t reprimand me on this again. I know what to do, I’ve read a lot on this, and yes, I’m just stubborn. But I’m very good in budgeting, but not for my own money. Tomorrow’s a new day, a new payday! So, I’m going to think of more ways on how to be one of the richest people in the world. Oh well, I have a long list of expenses monthly (rent, life insurance, Mom’s SSS, other insurances, credit cards, allowance for our home in the province) but the hell with those things! LOL. I know that I’m living life and I’m being a good daughter and friend (Excuses for not being responsible in handling my money). Aside from that a successful businessman said that to be rich, we have to value our relationships and our people.

          Mom reminded me today that I have to buy her a flower farm for their retirement. Oh no! Flower pot, I think, that’s possible! J

          I have to spend the whole night for my serious planning. Yahooo! Dan Guiam, watch out! LOL.

Dear Savings,

Please don’t leave me. Please stay in my bank account for long.
I need you. 
I really really need you.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grew up fast.

Once I heard this from a friend,  "that's the good thing about time, it flies."

“It’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything’s different”.

From my old blog (Sept. 2008): It’s so amazing how time flies so fast. How the handwritten became typewritten, how Betamax became DVD, how penpals became phonepals and eventually became textmates, how porridge was made available in an “instant” packaging to substitute the used-to-be Lola’s merienda during my childhood, how Daddy gave me freedom to live on my own without hearing his usual loud voice when scolding me, how Mommy stopped me from crying from the usual life intrigues, how my friends who used to be Mama’s girls became Mom’s with girls,how my dreams seem to be closer, and how my number of so-called “friends” were trimmed down into half but now more fulfilling since they’re more precious and true…

This afternoon, after watching so many footages of the catastrophe in Japan from CNN and NHK, I reassessed my life and priorities. I stopped for a while, cleared my mind and let the most indispensable things to float in my mind's surface. And just like any other Filipino (we have very close family ties), I realized that my family is on the top of the list of my priorities, then my boyfriend and friends.

I had a chat with my Dad. He's a strict dad but he talks about everything with me now, I knew then that time flew and I grew up. I'm the eldest and that maybe the reason why I am amiable according to my mom, I had responsibilities at a very young age.

I was 11 yrs old at a Family Reunion.
I grew up well. I have great parents, they are my superman and wonderwoman or maybe, my malakas at maganda. :) They didn't have degrees (Mom's an Economics undergrad and Dad's a Civil Engineering undergrad) that's why since we were kids, they taught us to be independent and they instilled in our minds that we will be the one to teach other people how to treat us and that RESPECT will always be earned and will always matter. They said they want us to have a good life and have better choices

at my college graduation. Mom's hair looks weird.
It's amazing how parents love their children.
It's amazing how they sacrifice for their kids' good life...(because they're the fruit of their love, as they say)
It's amazing how they make their children feel secure, that everything will be alright the next morning.


I used to hear from Dad, "I should have given you the life that you deserve." And I always say, "you've given us the best life. It may not be perfect, but it's the best." It rips my heart to listen about his frustrations and I always want to shout "Dad, we're OK!" but I think it's not enough to say that I had a good life and with no regrets, I must show him that I am indeed having a good life and it's all because of him and Mom. 

Talk with parents makes me feel good all the time. I can still remember when I first asked Mom to enroll me in school...I was too young. haha. Time flies so fast, Charmaine and I are now grown ups. AND I BELIEVE , IT'S PAYBACK TIME.

My uncle  was drunk today and he talked to me and said, "if me and your dad will die soon, remember that you and your cousins have blah blah blah."  I didn't want to hear it but the two of them say that often whenever they get drunk. LOL.

Here's my blog entry last 2009 about them when they were drunk:

Usapan sa “matatandang” baso.

I am definitely blessed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is it a girl thing?

I always feel this.
It's a big problem.
Sometimes, I'm feeling extremely happy, then sad, confused, bored, nervous... I don't know.
And definitely, the person closest to me, especially my boyfriend, is the one suffering because I complain a lot. Haha. Is it a girl thing?

I cleaned up my closet this morning because I have some clothes from the past weeks’ travels, then I found some shirts and tops which are with the same style but in different colors. Weird.

I didn’t even realize that I have them! But why?  
I suddenly felt that I am abnormal.

Aside from the clothes, I found my shoe rack which is chock-full of shoes! Goodness!
Is this a girl thing? I'm not even wearing all these!

Having mood swings.
Having clothes in same style but different colors.
Having shoes I just wear once in 3 months (I think!).
Girl thing?

Maybe not, I am just weird and I have to thank all the people who are sacrificing and holding on even if I AM ABNORMAL. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FLEXITIME no more.

When I was working in ABSCBN, one of the leading broadcasting companies in the Philippines, I didn’t experience having a “time card” for the company to monitor the time I come in and out of the office. It was because we normally work in broken time, longer hours or should I say, mostly, 24 hours. I was used to having an indefinite schedule. Aside from the schedule, the workload and lifestyle are extremely different from what I call the “usual” job. What I meant by usual is the job mostly in the corporate world in 8am to 5pm shift. Before, I used to think that the production or the media industry is for the crazy and brave people- people who are very spontaneous and adventurous. After working there for 2 years, I found out that it’s true. And I adulate those people who opt to work and become experts in that field.

Having all the perks like meeting and interviewing the most famous personality inside and outside the country (may it be actress, politician, author or singer), having special treatments from several places (restaurants, resorts, hotels and even in hospitals) and even from people like the person from the government or the traffic enforcer, the network became my “comfort zone.” I got used to the FLEXITIME and I loved it for a period of time. But due to several reasons, I decided to leave my comfort zone.

Leaving my comfort zone means leaving all the perks and the flexitime. Yesterday, after a long time, I rode a train (MRT) going home and I realized the hassle of riding it during “rush hour.”

at MRT Ayala Station

Aside from the fact that it’s getting hotter now in the Philippines because the summer is fast approaching, inside a jam-packed train feels like you’re being grilled. I started to think positively and creatively by observing about the movement of people upon entering the train then, I imagined that I was like water, flowing uncontrollably. Haha. It was fun during the first two stations, though I was hearing several complaints from an old lady (which was quite annoying), on the third station, I got suffocated and got too tired. I guess I got tired because of the old lady’s complaints because I don’t want to see old people experiencing tough moments and complaining how bad their situations are, and that made me realize that I have to work harder to have a good life, retire with a life that I’m dreaming of and possibly, help my parents to have a wonderful retirement. It’s not that I’m saying that riding a train is not a good thing what I’m saying is that we have a choice to live the good life that we all deserve, we just need to set a goal and work on it.

Flexitime no more, I know I have to live with the rush hour because this is where I want to be.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'll see you again.

Banana Pancakes will never be the same without you! LOL.

I'll wait for your stowies, kakkoi!
I'll be seeing you again.
Mahal kita!

Turning Japanese: Celebrating Hina Matsuri!

Our Client Services team is an all-girls team. Luckily, I have BEAUTIFUL girls in the team and they're all SINGLE. When our lovely president put the Hina Dolls at the top of the fridge and she said that we should be reminded to remove the dolls on the 3rd of March, everybody was so cautious because we know that according to their belief, if we'll forget to remove them, we'll not be able TO MARRY :(

That is scary, I know. 

I just arrived from a business trip (from Cebu) when we celebrated the all girls' day then, we had the "how to handle rejection" training. 

It's fun to wake up looking forward that you have new things to discover & experience.

We ate Chirashizushi made by our President, Ms. Jeri.

Here's a gist of the festival's history:

March 3 is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls' Festival), when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls. Families with young daughters mark this day by setting up a display of dolls inside the house. They offer rice crackers and other food to the dolls.

The dolls wear costumes of the imperial court during the Heian period (794-1192) and are placed on a tiered platform covered with red felt. The size of the dolls and number of steps vary, but usually the displays are of five or seven layers; single-tiered decorations with one male and one female doll are also common. 

The top tier is reserved for the emperor and the empress. A miniature gilded folding screen is placed behind them, just like the real Imperial throne of the ancient court. On the second tier are three ladies-in-waiting, and on the third are five male court musicians. Ministers sit on either side of trays of food on the fourth step, and the fifth row features guards flanked by an orange tree to the left and a cherry tree to the right.

The practice of displaying these dolls on the third day of the third month on the traditional Japanese calendar began during the Edo period (1603-1868). It started as a way of warding off evil spirits, with the dolls acting as a charm. Even today, people in some parts of the country release paper dolls into rivers after the festival, praying that the dolls take people's place in carrying away sickness and bad fortune. Most families take their beautiful collection of dolls out of the closet around mid-February and put it away again as soon as Hina Matsuri is over. This is because of an old superstition that families that are slow in putting back the dolls have trouble marrying off their daughters.


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