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I am curious and a "Trash Can" advocate.

With New People’s Army (NPA or in Filipino: Bagong Hukbong Bayan, the armed wing of the Communist party of the Philippines and considered as “terrorist” group in the Philippines by the US, growing up in the Southern part of Luzon Island in Philippines is like growing up in the world of wonder. 

Witnessing how they made my hometown a battlefield when they raided the Lopez Police Headquarters in the 90s left me questions that lead me to experience living with them for a final documentary project in my undergraduate course in Broadcast Journalism (to read the experience, please click here). It wasn’t bad at all. It’s not that I am not against what they do but I think if only the government will listen in what they are fighting for, they’ll realise that they just have one goal: to make Philippines a better place to live in. (Well, of course, I came up with the conclusion through my personal experience there.)

Well, this blog site is not about them. Haha. But definitely, that was how and when I started to wonder and tell a story. But just like the rebels, I'm not afraid to be different and do things differently as long as they're right and they are my ways.

Mareng Kayod, literally means “Working Woman” in Filipino. Kayod is work, Mare is used to call your child’s godmother or nowadays, it’s being used in the Philippines by girls to call other girls informally. It is coined by Mak Mongis, one of my colleagues. The moment she joked about this name which I found really funny but full of character, I knew this is going to inspire me a lot.

In the Philippines, I have a couple of experience in Television Production, has worked in News & Current Affairs and have a few years of experience in Publishing where I learned the ins and outs of Editorial, Media Relations, Circulation & Brand Management and in some areas where I developed a passion - Business Development, Marketing and Account Management.

I am a Filipina seeking for answers in every curious question in my daily life. I am working so hard to laugh louder, learn extra, love more and meet world every single day, Mare!

Everything that is written in this site is solely my personal views and opinions. Photos and videos are taken by me or my friends unless it is stated. Photos, videos and texts shall not be used without my permission. Thanks for understanding! 

Contact me anytime at aimeecyra@gmail.com or contact me thru the following:

Skype: cyracaparros | Gtalk: aimeecyra 

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