Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LSS: Marry Me

I was listening to this song for the past two days.

It relieves my stress and keeps my hopes up because I know for the next days, months, and years, I'll be needing a huge amount of patience and faith. LOL.

Faith in him, faith in myself, faith in US. Faith in Love.

They say that everything is about timing and TIMING is everything...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haven't thanked you for this couz!

I came across with this blog post and I wanna say "I love you Couz! Thanks for everything and I miss our Yoga classes! (Oh Tina! Haha)." I love your title, though I know that this is just a euphemism to make me feel better  when I was too impatient and was trying too hard to find the right guy through DATING 101: Trial & Error. Haha. Mua. I'll see you soon!

The Z Projects: For The Girl Who Never Runs Out of Men Who Love He...: "Happy Birthday, Cy! May you find the one faithful boy among the many who love you. Ha ha ha!"

It was a happy accident.

Just when you thought everything's fine, 
everything will be better...

I think I have to talk about him.

...because since I first saw him, I haven't stopped talking about him. Haha.

"Just being random." I used to wonder if there's a person that is very much a planner but spontaneous at the same time. Well, those are two different things and I know that people who have those characteristics are CRAZY. I know I am crazy. I ask random questions, I go to places spontaneously, I'm a plan-freak, I express myself freely, I always want to try new and extremely weird things and I keep the kid in me. And I just can't believe that I have a counterpart.

I accidentally bumped into him.

It's priceless to be with someone as crazy as you are because when someone's crazy, he likes you just the way you are and tries to cherish the kid in you.

I like him.

I like it when the maximum size of his small eyes is just as big as my just-woke-up-eyes. I like his laugh and how he makes me laugh (all the time). I like that he likes Banana Pancakes, just like me. I like that he doesn’t eat much of the only food I’m allergic of- Shrimp. I like it that he doesn’t get mad when I wake him up. I like the way he holds my hand while walking. Though I hate that he doesn’t like my red-orange lipstick, I like it when he says, “You look better without any make up at all.” I like it when he listens to my non-stop stories and when he makes me listen to what he talks about. I like it when we put 5 to 7 pieces of marshmallows in our mouths and eat jellies at night. I like slow dancing with him and when he does his different dance steps. I like how he manages to entertain all my friends and make them love him (I think he’s too charming because of his “stowies” and very big eyes). I like it that he appreciates stars and can go home with sand and mud in his shorts and head. I like it when he understands me and he laughs at my joke. I like his tackiness and how he asks me out for dinner. I like it when he says “I like you.” I like that he doesn’t text, call or email me when he’s working. I like his discipline, professionalism and optimism. I like our tacky yet sensible conversations. I like his passion to live life to its fullest and how he always chooses to be happy. I like that he plans ahead but can be spontaneous and random. I like how he says “Really,” “Sorry,” “Story” (Maybe that’s why he calls me Cy instead of Cyra). I like how he shares his childhood, family life, love life and views about everything. I like how he helps me understand our cultural and individual differences. I like how he sings “Ah..o-oh-oh.” I like how he treats me with “world-class hospitality”. I like how he lets me reveal the “kid” in me like nobody does. I like how he appreciates and values everything.

I can talk about a million things I like about him and make this blog much longer…

But I know that I don’t need to that because everyone knows that this time, though it’s just too good to be true, I’ll not say NO to this one… I know that I deserve him and I’m genuinely happy to have him.

Amen to "Patience is a virtue."

It was a happy accident and I’m just a lucky girl (I know everybody is! You just have to know what you deserve).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random sadness.

For 3 consecutive months, our Client Services Team had reached and exceeded the target Sales for each month and the management just announced it and congratulated us awhile ago during our weekly Sales Meeting. I don't know why but I felt unhappy about it. 

Maybe I am tired. Maybe I am pressured. Maybe I am hungry.

Or maybe I am feeling that I can do better! Even if I've been so swamped in paperworks and as-high-as-mt-apo-tasks, I still feel that I haven't done my best. Is it because I'm having a balanced life? I'm just thinking that it's about the hormones. Haha.

Well, I'll be out of town next week and instead of getting excited for my vacation, I'm now pressured of the business meetings coming up! Proposals are piling up! 

Now, all I want is a hug from Taku and a very good dinner.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is a super overdue post. 

I was thinking that Prospecting in the Sales Industry and Prospecting a new partner/ boyfriend have the same process. True?

In a Sales Funnel, Prospecting is the first step and occupies the largest space. Simply because it's the continuous and deliberate search for new prospects or new needs of present customers. Then, there comes the appointment getting, preparation, presentation, closing, objection, negotiation, then... SOLD!

In both areas, you need to plan your prospecting. You have to collect "suspects" then qualify them. First, you establish the need or the opportunity.

In Sales, everyone can be a prospect. Same with lovelife. But to make the search more exciting and effective, you have to plan out and determine which will be fit for your company and which will be needing your service. No one will buy your service if they think that you don't offer something different or they don't see the opportunity for growth using your service. Same with lovelife, right?

So after planning your "prospects," you have to qualify them. In Sales, you must determine if they have...

A- bility to Pay
W- ant or Need
A-uthority to Buy
R- easonably Approachable
E- ligible to Buy

In lovelife, you must consider the same...

Sources in prospecting can be referrals, Internet, newspapers and other publications, other salesmen or other singles, associates of the prospects, and the prospects himself. But always be reminded that in prospecting, you must put set targets or systematize, look near and far, it must be continuous and deliberate and you have to AIM HIGH TO SETTLE HIGH. Never settle for less.

Why do we need Prospecting?

...for effective use of the Salesperson's time
...higher sales and income
...replacement of lost customers

Think about it, it will be so sad for you to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along... Prospecting helps one to measure what one deserves and gives one the opportunity to explore.

Santa's wish comes true.

It's been a while since I've been in a relationship. I remember last month, my last blog entry was entitled "Wanted HUSBAND. My daughter left me." lol. I'm very vocal about how scared I am to be in a relationship again but I was missing it badly. I tried dating several people from all walks of life (sound so diverse. haha) but  I always feel that there's SOMETHING missing...

...I don't know what.
...I don't know why.
...They just felt different and sometimes, empty.

Whenever my friends ask me, "How was the date with the doctor? With the Persian? With the hot guy?" I came up with some excuses like "Hmmm...he's too workaholic" "He's too conscious and serious" "We have cultural differences." 

Believe me, I've tried them all. My cousin Zarah used to tease me that I've got collections of suitors-- old, young, actor, grandson of actor, accountant, engineer, doctor-- and I just might end up with a politician! I used to think it was funny because I seemed to be so picky but as time went by, I became desperate and frustrated because I'll be 25 soon.  I even realized last Christmas that "malamig pala talaga ang Pasko" but I know I MUST NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. I must feel the magic.

Depression became worse during our company's Christmas party. Everyone should get a "Santa's wish" during the raffle draw. Most of my co-workers went home happily because they got air coolers, rice cookers, Starbucks Gift Certificates while I got... "Santa's wish for you is...


It made me feel so down (though I usually divert it to my addiction to work) and asked them, "Where is the new boyfriend?" Haha. But I believed that there's someone out there and I just have to prepare and be excited to meet him someday.

But 2011 for me is the year of Cyra's Lovelife.

So, I wished and prayed so hard for God to bless me with more patience and hope that one of the days of 2011, I'll bump into him and I'll feel fulfilled with the magic. I went to mass often, I prepared myself physically, emotionally and mentally. My friend Jaymee said that she learned that when you wish for something, you have to be more specific and write it down. So I wrote down those "specifications" and pasted the small piece of paper in my planner, I believe, Santa will be kind to me this year...

now I can check the "new boyfriend" in my 2011 planner.

And I just can't believe it, just before the first month of the year ended, I bumped into the "specific" guy. Just in a blink of an eye, I felt like everything changed...

It felt so magical. Too good to be true, but Santa's wish came true.

I've got what I deserve.


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