Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I love Waide Family! because of...

1. the ever lovely Bingo! He runs, bites, jumps, and kisses us whenever we visit in their house. And I was so amazed that whatever he's doing, when he hears his mommy Lisa coming, he'll stop and stare at the door to welcomes her. 
2. the mouthwatering food all the time! Lisa san is my cooking teacher nowadays (since Taku complain a lot about my cooking skill) and I'm trying to converse more in English with her so she'll get used to it. 

You think it's an advantage to her? I don't think so, I benefit more because I learn how to cook and I eat very delicious dishes! I love Lisa!

3. the interesting conversation! Jay and Lisa always make conversation interesting. I like them. And it feels like a family whenever the Hori family (Miwa, Taro and Momoko) are with us. Plus Mana san, her husband and also Jarred (the Chinese guy who paid 5,000 pesos at St. Luke's Hospital for hangover. haha)

Look! The Waide's having a family photo...with us! haha.

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