Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cipika Cipiki

It was my first time to travel abroad. It wasn’t the first time to sleep in bus station and airport but it was my first time to meet such a wonderful man with a wonderful song (which I don’t understand. Haha).

I’ve been asking my Indonesian friends about this but they couldn’t figure out what was I singing so here is the lyrics and the video (which I finally found in my old files) and please, please let me know the whole version:

Sayang sayang, chowoku sayang.
Aku salalu sayang
Satu hari lima kali
Kachup, kaningmu laki…
Satu hari lima kali
Kachup, kaningmu laki..”

As far as I can remember “aku” is “ako” in Filipino and “me” in English, Satu is “isa” and “one” in English and “kaningmu” is “alalahanin” or “remember.” Is it right?

I wonder if this good man who taught me how to ride Bajaj, how to go to Gambir station and how to say “Aku mamili pirdana SL. Terima Kasih” (Filipino translation: “Pabili ako ng SL na sim card. Maraming salamat po.” English Translation: “I want to buy SL Sim Card. Thank you”) just made up this whole song.

(I flew to Jakarta via Cebu Pacific Air.)


  1. Maybe he said "keningmu" which mean your forehead.

    So :
    "Satu hari lima kali
    Kachup, kaningmu laki…"
    "i will kiss your forehead five times a day"

  2. Haha. Yes, I think it's forehead Suprie!'s "keningmu!"
    But does the song exist or this wonderful man just made it up?

  3. Never heard of it :)
    i think he made it up for you.. hahahaha

  4. I never heard this song Aymi. You must be so special that the man made you a very special song :D

  5. Actually it's a children song titled "Naik Naik ke Puncak Gunung" what mean is "Let's Walk Up to The Mountain". :))

    Yes,that song does exist, but that man change the whole original lyrics, and made the new one for you :))

  6. I think he makes up that song for every lady backpacker that arrives in Jakarta! Haha. This guy was really nice, he's like a tour guide and language instructor, a very good man to meet before leaving the airport (literally because I think he works near the bus stop in the airport).

    I remember he offered us a ride around Jakarta on his day off! Sweet!

    Thanks Chi, Suprie & Herman, hope all is well and stay happy, okay? Hugs from Manila!

  7. this the righ lyric
    Sayang sayang, cowoku sayang.
    Aku selalu sayang
    Satu hari lima kali
    Kecup, keningmu lagi…
    Satu hari lima kali
    Kecup, keningmu lagi..”



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