Monday, May 18, 2009

Just when you're numb.

Sometimes, no matter how blessed you are with a lot of people who loves you, you just can't love them back right away because you're too tired to do it...not because of a single person but because of several pains you've gone through. Then, they'll be gone. Then, you'll realize that you're having regrets...but in reality, you shoudn't have... because if they're true to their words and feelings, they'll STAY no matter what... until you're fully-charged and your ready to start all over again. You just can't give yourself to a person if you're not would be unfair and no one deserves it.

So, just when you're numb and insensitive, take a time to breathe and pray. =)

I'm currently studying Spanish while sleepy. haha. I'm dying to box and have yoga everyday.

"So, pwede nako Cy?"

Let's see.

This will be a wonderful week! mua. Take care.

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